Sisterhood is a space of INFINITE POSSIBILITY...
TAKE THE TOP OFF INDECISION and step into who you truly are!"

- Alissa Leahi

breast cancer survivor turned

Topless Goddess



Free Workshop

Tuesday, September 29th
10am - 12pm PST

Interactive & Inspiring Workshop Limited to 20 Women!

2 hours to topless!

FREE 2-Hour Virtual Workshop ($297 value)


Taking the top off INDECISION and expanding into inspired ACTION!

This is for you if...

  • You are a POWERHOUSE – radiant warrior goddess queen (inside and/or out!)
  • You are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE – for your journey (what a badass you are, truly!)
  • You are PRODUCTIVE – but sometimes have more creative ideas than ways to implement them
  • You have PERSONALITY – and love to PLAY! Come as you are Sister, you belong!



Collectively, we are unstoppable!


  • The RESISTANCE DETOX to set you free
  • The TEAM CAPTAIN selection system
  • Permissive Desire Programming (PDP)
  • The 4 Cornerstones of a Conscious Queen
  • The LOVE BATH receiving challenge!


  • Your sense of joy and belonging
  • Your consistency with traction and action
  • Your inner peace and resilience 
  • Your network of friends, allies, and collaborators
  • Your heart, mind, and soul! 


  • Who you really are – we’re real here, sister!
  • Your most heartfelt desires
  • What you KNOW you’re capable of
  • Inspired next steps
  • Your inner artist, warrior, and exhibitionist!

Even powerhouses need to play.

I get it. You’re strong, focused, busy. But also possibly a little…. lonely? Struggle and separation will not get us what we want. If you feel disconnected from your potential, you might be lacking the good company of like-minded women! 

Lone Wolf syndrome is a hurtful illusion. Without social time to connect on a deeper level, we fall into comparison, competition, and scarcity. This perceived judgement is what makes us so afraid to be seen. The truth is, we are equally hard on ourselves and equally amazing when our authenticity is turned on. 

In sisterhood, we light each other up!

Space is Limited!

Interactive Workshop Limited to 20 Women

Every woman will feel seen, heard, and valued with personalized attention.



In Sisterhood with
Alissa Leahi

Tuesday, September 29th
10am - 12pm PST

FREE WORKSHOP – Interactive & Limited to the first 20 Women

About Alissa

Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Conscious Coach, Alissa Leahi is on a mission to reconnect every woman with her inner artist, warrior, and exhibitionist. At age 39, while navigating an unexpected divorce, Alissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebuilding physically, emotionally, and financially took more courage than she thought possible. Today, Alissa is surviving and thriving by teaching others what she calls “rebellious resiliency”. She is the creative force behind Tattoobie – temporary body art for breast cancer survivors, and The Four Seasons of Sisterhood – group programs for powerhouse women who want to PLAY!

You can read her full story here:


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