Welcome to this season of Sisterhood!

The Goddess &
The Grinch

6 Weeks of Magic & Mischief with Magnificent Women!

Receive the gift of who you truly are.

October 19 to December 11, 2020

Naughty is Nice

and you are enough!

Imagine a world without these pesky "P"s: Perfectionism, Pretending, People Pleasing, & Proving!

Sisterhood is a safe and INCLUSIVE container, where we ditch conformity and practice AUDACIOUS authenticity. No judgement, no comparison. Just deep connection, LAUGHTER, and unconditional love.

2020 Trick or Treat?

  • Has COVID affected your mental, emotional, and social connections?
  • Has UNCERTAINTY amped up your anxiety?
  • Have you felt unseen, unheard, and EMOTIONALLY CHARGED in conversations?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, INDECISIVE, or insecure?
  • Do you want to KNOW that, whatever the future holds, you deserve JOY and fulfillment?
  • Have you set up your holiday season for a new kind of personal FREEDOM and success? 

Sisterhood is such a treat!

Every Woman

is a gift to the world

Let's make the world a better place!

The Goddess & The Grinch

  • Wholehearted & Hilarious Women
  • 6 Weeks of Merry-Making Mischief & Magic
  • Oct. 19 – Dec. 11 (Thanksgiving week break)
  • Two 45-min Virtual Connection Calls each week
  • Fun & Empowering Exercises, Prompts, & Practices
  • One Time Payment $225

From Tragic to Magic

  • EXPAND – your sense of joy and belonging
  • CREATE – inner peace and limitless possibility
  • BELONG – where you are supported & celebrated
  • LEARN – to honor the light & the dark unconditionally
  • GIVE – authentically, without feeling depleted
  • RECEIVE – you are worthy and so easy to love!

Grinch, please!

I want to do it all, and look good doing it. Is that too much to ask!? It is, Sister. Trying to IMPRESS = STRESS. Struggle and separation will not get us what we want. If you feel resentful, you might be lacking the good company of like-minded women! 

Even Santa has support! Without the opportunity to connect on a deeper level, we fall into comparison, competition, and scarcity. The truth is, we are equally hard on ourselves and equally amazing when our authenticity is turned on. 

In sisterhood, we light each other up!

Space is Limited!

Sisterhood is a closed container built on trust & courage

Limited to 12 Women


Register by October 1st and Receive a Holiday Aromatherapy Stocking Stuffer (Value $29)

The Goddess &
The Grinch


Receive the gift of who you truly are.

6 Week Sisterhood Only $225

About Alissa

Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Conscious Coach, Alissa Leahi is on a mission to reconnect every woman with her inner artist, warrior, and exhibitionist. At age 39, while navigating an unexpected divorce, Alissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebuilding physically, emotionally, and financially took more courage than she thought possible. Today, Alissa is surviving and thriving by teaching others what she calls “rebellious resiliency”. She is the creative force behind Tattoobie – temporary body art for breast cancer survivors, and The Four Seasons of Sisterhood – group programs for powerhouse women who want to PLAY!

You can read her full story here: https://alissaleahi.com/about/


I would love to hear from you! Email [email protected] to learn more.