We will always find a way to belong. In pursuit of connection, we will seek magic and miracles, every time"

- Alissa Leahi



FREE 2-Hour Workshop

Tuesday, December 8th
10am - 12pm PST

Magic & Miracles

Interactive & Inspiring Workshop Limited to 20 Women!

2 hours of connection & celebration!

FREE 2-Hour Virtual Workshop ($297 value)


We're taking the top off of OVERWHELM, BOREDOM, and HOLIDAY BLUES... to make space for MAGIC and MIRACLES!

This is for you if...

  • The pandemic has shut down your party plans!
  • Your holiday traditions are shifting and you’re ready for an upgrade!
  • You are often the source of joy and merry making for others… Maybe it would be nice to RECEIVE?
  • You’ve realized what really matters and are open to magic and miracles.
  • You’re ditching perfectionism for authenticity, honesty, and self-worth.
  • You’re down for fluffy blankets, champagne (or kombucha) bubbles, and warm snuggles!


fairy tale

When you believe, you belong.


  • The CONFIDENCE CLASS for setting compassionate boundaries
  • The SAFE PASSAGE practice for releasing lack, loss, & holiday blues
  • The W.I.S.H. Formula for finding your North Star
  • The LOVE BATH receiving challenge 


  • Your sense of joy and belonging
  • Your ability to create spacious abundance
  • Your time, energy, & inspiration
  • Your self awareness & self-worth
  • Your capacity to receive 


  • Your inner Goddess & inner Grinch!
  • Your most heartfelt desires
  • Ideas and insights
  • Laughter & wholehearted hilarity!
  • Meaningful connection & celebration!

Even powerhouses need to play.

The holidays have a way of highlighting what’s missing. We might feel both overwhelmed and unfulfilled. If you feel disconnected, you might be lacking the good company of like-minded, authentic, and perfectly imperfect women! 

Join me in Sisterhood as we connect and celebrate – inviting magic and miracles back into 2020 and beyond!

Space is Limited!

Interactive Workshop Limited to 20 Women



Free Workshop

with Alissa Leahi

Tuesday, December 8th
10am - 12pm PST

Taking the top off of overwhelm, boredom, and holiday blues. Creating space for MAGIC & MIRACLES!

About Alissa

Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Conscious Coach, Alissa Leahi is on a mission to reconnect every woman with her inner artist, warrior, and exhibitionist. At age 39, while navigating an unexpected divorce, Alissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebuilding physically, emotionally, and financially took more courage than she thought possible. Today, Alissa is surviving and thriving by teaching others what she calls “rebellious resiliency”. She is the creative force behind Tattoobie – temporary body art for breast cancer survivors, and The Four Seasons of Sisterhood – group programs for powerhouse women who want to PLAY!

You can read her full story here: https://alissaleahi.com/about/


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