Field of Queens



Sovereignty, Service, & Belonging

Starts March 22nd

for the modern day

Radiant Warrior Goddess Queen

If not defined by age, weight, race, career, bank account, or relationship status, you are left with one basic, NAKED TRUTH.


Your INHERENT worthiness.

You, sweet sister - are a QUEEN!

Reclaim your Queendom!

this is for you if...

You find INSPIRATION through reflection, focus, and sharing ideas.

You love to SERVE and realize the importance serving your own needs & desires.

You find mystery and MIRACLES in nature, keeping faith through uncertainty.

You are stepping into your sovereign power and learning it’s ok to SHINE.

You are up-leveling to a new kind of personal FREEDOM and success!

Who will you uplift & empower?

Is it really lonely at the top?

Loneliness, disconnect, frustration, and sadness. Sometimes we feel ashamed of our shadows and want to pull away. We don’t want to burden anyone. We might not be so great at asking for support.

We are human – complex and glorious in our diversity and sensitivity. Sisterhood is the bridge between leadership and leaning in for support. It’s the voice that says “I hear you” and “thank you”.

We are grateful for all the blessings in our lives… AND – and we are worthy of a community where we are safe to break down, rise up, reinvent, rest, and celebrate!

Sisterhood is Queendom in Community!

why this group?

  • Smaller size – intimacy, trust, and space for each woman to participate, share, and receive personalized support 
  • Shorter calls – we meet on Zoom twice a week for 45 minutes. No need to take extended time away from family
  • No homework! But do expect miracles as a result of your intention to receive. Thank you Universe!
  • Laughter, lightheartedness, and the freedom to come as you are. Aren’t you BEAUTIFUL!?
  • Co-creation – much of the practices and prompts will be offered by Alissa, but every woman is invited to take a leading role by sharing her inspiration, resources, and unique life experience.

Sisterhood is a Field of Unlimited Possibility!

Everything you need to know...

Field of queens

  • 16 Wholehearted & Hilarious Women 
  • 12 Weeks of Blessings in Full Bloom
  • Two 45-min Virtual Connection Calls each week
  • Fun & Empowering Exercises, Prompts, & Practices
  • March 15 – June 4, 2021 
  • One Time Payment $333, or 3 payments of $111


  • EXPAND – your sense of joy and belonging
  • CREATE – inner peace and limitless possibility
  • BELONG – where you are supported & celebrated
  • LEARN – to honor the light & the dark unconditionally
  • GIVE – authentically, without feeling depleted
  • RECEIVE – you are worthy and so easy to love!

Space is Limited!

Sisterhood is a closed container built on trust & courage

Limited to 16 Women

Email inquires to [email protected] as soon as you feel the nudge!

Integration & Fulfillment

What might your inner critic think of women who invest in themselves, take time to nurture their souls, and indulge their deepest desires? 

What makes a woman worthy of such luscious adoration and quality connection? 

With all due respect to the critic, controller, and martyr within – we are ALL worthy of being seen, heard, and valued for who we truly are.

Bonus! Integration means even the inner critic is unconditionally loved in Sisterhood. Bring EVERY part of your sweet soul. Celebrate the fulfillment of a life fully lived, witnessed, and unconditionally loved.

how to connect

Ready to lean in?

I would love to hear about your unique situation!

Email [email protected] to learn more about this season of Sisterhood, the rolling Annual Pass option, and leadership opportunities through the Sisterhood Guru Program.

Field of Queens


Sovereignty, Service, & Belonging

12 Week Journey Starts March 22nd

Email [email protected] to register

About Alissa

Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Conscious Coach, Alissa Leahi is on a mission to reconnect every woman with her inner artist, warrior, and exhibitionist. At age 39, while navigating an unexpected divorce, Alissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebuilding physically, emotionally, and financially took more courage than she thought possible. Today, Alissa is surviving and thriving by teaching others what she calls “rebellious resiliency”. She is the creative force behind Tattoobie – temporary body art for breast cancer survivors, and The Four Seasons of Sisterhood – group programs for powerhouse women who want to PLAY!

You can read her full story here:


I would love to hear from you, Sister!

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